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About Us

We aim to build a global business platform under one umbrella

ASC Group is a management consulting firm which helps companies to transform and grow their business across the globe. We partner with clients to explore their true business potential with tailor-made and innovative solutions. Our professional approach, strong global network and team of experts will help your business to improve processes, save costs and bring your company on a global platform by expanding your reach and your customers.



Business Solution

Creating an opportunity is all what it takes to expand a business and take it in an unexplored direction.

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2. Market Entry right-arrrow

Advisory and Consulting Services

Our people having experiences in different domains help our clients in different kind of advisory and consulting services which might be related to setting up of the overall business in the jurisdiction.


Outsourcing Services

A business is always divided into its Core and Non-Core functions. Every business looks for a maximum and most efficient time utilization of time of its valuable employee by ensuring the time gets devoted to its core business.

Why ASC?

  • Strong Team
    Our strength is our people. Since our inception, we have invested in the direction of holistic growth of our employees which has helped us to grow exponentially in 24 years.

  • Wide Network
    As a management consulting firm, we offer end to end solutions to our clients, where we integrate a range of services in one firm to ensure longevity in business operations.

  • Tailor-made Solutions
    ASC imparts solutions from its own experiences, as we believe in exploring a market first. Our learnings and experiences help us prepare a comprehensive ...

  • Comprehensive portfolio of services
    We want our clients to focus on what they do best and leave everything else to us. Together we want to focus towards a performance oriented foundation.




Japan desk support acts as a bridge between India and Japan with Japanese nationals & support team to look after Japanese corporations. The team of experts draws on the combined network resources of firms in India and Japan to provide services to the clients.



Singapore has a huge potential for international partnerships. ASC’s Singapore Business Desk is actively providing comprehensive services to the clients in Singapore and helping them to invest or conduct business without any hurdles.



ASC’s India Business Desk was established in the year 1995 as a CA firm. ASC now has 6 offices in India with diverse legal entities and broad-spectrum of service verticals. Our core strength lies in the experience and expertise team of experts helping companies with comprehensive solutions.